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A Dream and a Beautiful Night

Title: A Dream and a Beautiful Night
Fandom: Heroes
Author: Meli Parker
Word Count: 1971
Rating: PG-13
Characters and Pairing: Claire, Peter/ Simone, Nathan
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: Up to episode 9 (But most of it is a guess that leads up to that one. I really just went through and figured it out, then wrote a story on it)
Summary: Claire tries to get back to a normal life. Peter and Simone have a romantic evening before Nathan messes it up. Nathan tries to protect his brother from himself.

She had enough. She couldn’t take it anymore. All she wanted was to get back to her normal life. So she did. Or at least, tried.


            Claire had joined the homecoming committee that week. Zach told her it was a stupid idea. He said she was meant for something more than painting crappy posters in red ink. She told him she didn’t care. She wanted to be herself again. He didn’t understand. He never understood…or maybe he understood completely.


            The squad had planned a sleepover that Friday night. Claire went semi-excited. Sometimes she wondered if she was forcing this need to be normal. After all, she kind of liked her powers. She liked that she could run through fire and not get burned or wake up on an autopsy table and put herself back together. It was kinda cool to not be afraid of getting hurt. Knowing that you could cheat death again and again and again…


            “What should we watch?” asked Carla, tall pretty brown haired 17 year old. She walked over to her parents DVD case and looked. A few other cheerleaders followed and looked at the movies. Jackie pulled out something interesting.

            “How about X-men?” she asked. It was a rather geeky request for a cheerleader. Claire looked at her uncomfortable. She bit her lip and said,


            “Hello, Hugh Jackman,” Jackie said simply. The other girls around her made agreeing noises. Claire smiled trying not to seem uncomfortable. After all, she was Hugh Jackman in real life…or rather, Wolverine. She looked to the side and then said,

            “Isn’t there anything less…geeky? I mean, he is one incredibly hot Aussie, but the rest of it is kinda lame.” The girls looked at her.

            “I guess,” said Carla turning back to the DVD case. Cassie came up with another idea.

            “What if we watch something we haven’t watched in years. Like something we all like…but forgot about.” Carla pulled out the perfect movie.



            Claire sat in the darkened living room on the couch. A blanket was wrapped around her as the old Disney movie played on the television. Claire had always liked this movie. The fact that some random guy could enter your life and suddenly become your prince charming…of course you have to loose a glass slipper first. Where would you get one of those? Claire turned her attention back to the movie and tried to stop day dreaming. But she couldn’t. Especially when the song started to play.

            “A dream is a wish your heart makes…” started Cinderella. Claire looked up at the TV and bit her lip. Her eyebrows went into her eyes a little bit, the way one does when they are about to cry. “When you’re fast asleep.” Claire couldn’t help but think of her own dreams. With everything that’s been going on in her life, she wished she could be normal. 

            What’s so wrong with being normal? She wondered. Damn it Zach! I just want to be normal! Stop making me feel so good about these stupid powers! Why is it I only feel that way when you’re around!? Why? Damn you Zach. Claire closed her eyes. A dream is a wish your heart makes right? So why is mine so confused? It wants too much. Maybe I’m just going crazy. Yeah that’s it, I’m loosing it! I really don’t have magical superpowers…I’m actually in a mental hospital in Montana somewhere. Yeah…Have faith in your dreams? Cinderella, you have no clue what you’re singing about do you. Fuck you Walt Disney.


            “Claire?” Claire felt a tap on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked at Cassie. Claire smiled at her.


            “You ok?”

            “Yeah I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?”

            “You look out of it.” She said. Cassie looked at Claire and said the one question Claire couldn’t answer. “Where were you?”

            “I have no idea.”


            He liked where everything was going in his life. He liked that he was going to save her. He needed to save her. But first he had to save someone else.


            It was raining as Peter looked over at Simone sitting next to him. They were sitting in his small Manhattan apartment watching a movie. He smiled to himself. He finally got the girl. After years of being in Nathan’s shadow, he finally was able to get Simone. Or so he thought. The movie sang its song.

            “Oh this is the night; it’s a beautiful night…” Peter pulled Simone closer. She had tears falling from her eyes.

            “What’s wrong?” Peter asked. She looked at him.

            “I’m sorry…it’s just this is what parents used to watch with me when I was younger. That’s why I wanted to watch it…it’s just…Oh Peter! Now they’re dead. He’s gone Peter…” She burst out into tears and put her head on his shoulder. Peter comforted her with his hand and stroked her hair.

            “It’s doesn’t have to be sad Simone.” Said Peter. “It’s romantic. C’mere.” He pulled her head up. She looked into his deep hazel eyes. “Everything is going to be ok. Trust me. I’m here for you.” He smiled. Tears fell from her face and he pushed her face into his as the chorus sang,

            “This is the night, it’s a beautiful night and we call it Belle Notte…” Their lips met. Simone closed her eyes and felt that Peter was right. Everything would be ok.


            It was late and the film was ending. Simone had stopped crying and Peter had his arm around her. Simone’s head rested on his shoulder and his head on top of her. He played with her loose strands of hair. Unexpectedly, there was a knock at the door. Peter looked at the clock. 11.52. Late. “Who the hell could that be?” said Peter.

            “Are you gunna answer it?”

            “I guess,” Said Peter standing up slowly. He really didn’t want to get up. Peter looked through the peep-hole and saw his brother standing there. Peter opened the door. “Nathan?” Nathan looked at Peter and smiled his usual fake politician smile.

            “Peter! How are ya?” he said. Peter’s eyebrows went into his eyes confused. Peter smiled bewilderly.

            “What are you doing here so late Nathan?” asked Peter trying to notion with his eyes that Simone was on the couch.

            “Well, Pete, you see…I have something you’re gunna want and well…I didn’t think it was right to tell you over to the phone.” Said Nathan un-easy.

            “So you would just fly in at 11.50 at night?” said Peter smiling. “What are you doing out so late.”

            “It happened again Peter,” said Nathan. Peter looked at Simone in the other room and then stepped outside.

            “What?” said Peter closing the door. Nathan looked at Peter seriously. 

            “I flew.” Said Nathan.

            “I know you have-“

            “I mean there was another kidnapping attempt…and I flew to get away.” Said Nathan.

            “You weren’t lying then,” said Peter.

            “Of course not Peter, you’re my brother! I tell you-”

            “You lie to your wife.”

            “Well that’s different.”

            “I don’t see a difference.”

            “Well there is!”

            “And what do you mean I’m your brother? You’re always lying to me!”

            “No I don’t Peter.”

            “Yes you do and you know you do!”

            “This is a big deal Peter. I need you to believe me here!”

            “Then get the painting for me Nathan! Stop lying to me about it, I know you talked to him.”

            “He said-”

            “No he didn’t. Nathan you can talk anyone into anything! You got the painting; now tell me where it is!” Peter was getting angry now. Nathan looked at Peter.

            “I told you, I couldn’t get it from him.”

            “Why can’t you just stop lying? Is it like some kind of compulsion of yours Nathan?” asked Peter. He thought for a second. “Oh yeah, you’re running for Congress! Have fun with your pages Nathan.”

            “That’s not funny Peter,” said Nathan.

            “You know it is,” said Peter seriously. Then the two brothers stared at each. Each trying to read the others mind…or blow him up. Finally Peter spoke.

            “Tell me where it is Nathan.”

            “I don’t know Peter.” That’s when Simone opened the door. She looked at Peter and then at Nathan. She seemed to give Nathan a look. Peter squinted a little.

            “Well, it’s really late Peter and now that Nathan’s here…I should be going home.” She said.

            “I thought you were gunna stay here tonight?” said Peter moving closer to Simone.

            “I think it would be better for both of us if I went home tonight. Another time Peter.” She said smiling at him. She kissed him romantically. Nathan turned to the ground. “Good night Peter Petrelli.” She looked over at Nathan. “Night Nathan.” She walked to the stair case. 

            She wanted to love him. She knew she could if she tried. But she wanted to help him as well. Even if he didn’t think it was helping him, but destroying everything he’s worked for.


            “Here it is,” said Nathan to Simone. They both stared at the painting. “This can’t be possible…I mean how? Is it real?”

            “Yeah it’s real. But is it really going to happen?” asked Simone.

            “What do you mean?” asked Nathan looking at Simone his eyebrows deep in an inquisitive nature.

            “Isaac thinks he can paint the future…Peter believes him…I think I’m starting to believe him.” Said Simone unsure.

            “If Peter saw this, he’d go there! You know he would.” Said Nathan almost yelling. He was angry that something like this is possible. He was angry that he could fly. He was angry at Peter for wanting to save the world. 

            “I know he would!” said Simone biting her fingernail.

            “That’s why we can’t tell him,” said Nathan quietly.

            “We have to tell him, I mean what would happen if we don’t?”

            “Things will be better if we don’t tell him.” Nathan gave Simone a stern look. She looked Nathan and then at the painting. Simone couldn’t believe it…but there was the proof. Isaac had painted Peter in the future: Standing in front of a gym at Orson Wells High School, at a homecoming dance, at 8 o’clock. It was all the information Peter could ever want. All the information, Peter could ever need. 

            “Nathan…” started Simone, but it was too late. Nathan found a pail of black paint.

            “I’m going to make sure Peter will never see this painting Simone.” Said Nathan. “It’s for his own good.”

            “No Nathan!” said Simone reaching out but Nathan had already splashed the dark paint over the colourful canvas. Simone watched as Peter and the school behind him were washed away in the darkness.


            “Peter…” said Simone later that night at Peter’s apartment. Peter looked up at her ready to answer.     

            “Yeah?” he said brushing his hair to the side like he always did. That made Simone smile. It also made her crack. She bit her lip and fought back tears.

            “I saw Isaac’s painting!” she blurted out. Peter looked at her shocked. Then he looked at her seriously.

            “Where? Where is it! Simone I need to see it!”

            “You can’t, but I know what’s on it.” She said. He looked at her.

            “What’s on it Simone?”

            “You are Peter. At a high school.” Peter looked at her and then whispered to himself.

            “Save the cheerleader…”

            Orson Wells High School. A homecoming dance…8 o’clock.”

            “Save the world.” She looked up into his eyes knowing what was about to happen. Peter just looked her.


            “It’s tonight.”


            Claire jerked awake. She opened her eyes to the bright morning. “Who said that?” she asked. She looked around at all the other teenagers lying scattered across the room. No one was awake yet. “What’s tonight?” she whispered. No one answered. She could have sworn someone had said ‘it’s tonight’. Maybe she was going crazy. Then she remembered. 

            “Homecoming is tonight.”

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